Registration Info

Every team must have at least one (1) registered coach. Any person who coaches must be registered as a coach with that team and complete the Risk Management (RM) form. The RM form must be submitted to the state office via the online Risk Management (RM) form at

All registration information must be complete to finalize registration information. If all information is not complete with appropriate copies and information registration will not be completed.

  • Rosters must be filled out completely online and approved prior to registration.
  • Any additions or dropped players/coaches must be completed online and approved before registration can be completed.
  • Each new player must have a birth certificate present at the time of registration.
  • Player passes must be filled out completely with attached picture and player signature.
  • Risk Management (RM) must be filed online prior to registration for any new Coaches.

Team, Player & Coach Fees

Team Fees

$175.00 for each Team U-10 and Up.

($100.00 is a refundable bond to ensure that the minimum 4 games are completed)

Coach/Player Fees

$18.00 for each Rostered Coach and Player not registered with YAYSL in Fall.

(These fees are due at Spring Registration)

Transfer Fees

$5.00 for each player that is transferred from another team.

If a player was registered during the Fall season and is transferred to another team, a player transfer form must be filled out.

Roster Players per Team

U-10s: Maximum 12 players per team. Plays 6 vs. 6.

U-11/U-12: Maximum 14 players per team. Plays 8 vs. 8.

U-13/U-14/U-16: Maximum 16 players per team. Plays 11 vs. 11.

U-17/U-18/U-19: Maximum 22 players per team (game roster of 18). Plays 11 vs. 11.